ACT Peer Consultation Group

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Starting in February 2017: In anticipation of Kelly Wilson’s workshop in Portland in August 2017, the ACT Peer Consultation Group will begin a monthly book study of Mindfulness for Two. Please contact for details.


Sample Agenda (from last year):

  • February 2015: Invisibilia
  • March 2015: Focused ACT (FACT).  Led by Teresa
  • April 2015: Beyond Happiness and the shifting popular (and professional) appreciation of aversive feeling states and so-called negative emotions.
  • May 2015:  What do you want?  Values and meaning.  Led by Rich.
  • June 2015:  Metaphors 1.  What are your favorites?  Led by Steve.
  • Future:  Metaphors 2.  How and why metaphors work therapeutically.  Led by Joel
  • Fall retreat 2015.


ACT Peer Consultation Group

The ACT Peer Consultation Group was formed in 2009 by several of us who were interested in having an ongoing meeting to help us learn ACT together.  The group meets on the third Friday of each month from 8 am to 9:30 am.  The topics and format of the group vary.  Typically, we start with introductions if new members are present.  A group member leads us through a short mindfulness exercise.  Then we transition to the agenda for the month, which may include a specific ACT process or exercise, applying ACT to a specific patient group (e.g., pain, PTSD, addictions), case discussions, or other topics. I (Joel) often serve as the coordinator for the meetings and then hand over the direction of the meeting to whomever has volunteered to lead an exercise or present on a topic. Others cover the coordinating role when I am unavailable.  We are quite fortunate to now have several proficient and dynamic ACT therapists in the Portland area.  We have come a long way!

Please see the main page for sample agendas from recent months as well as upcoming meetings.

The format of the group has changed over time.  Initially, the group was a closed group.  We were interested in retaining a regular cohort of peers, to form cohesion, and to provide a safe and consistent place for us to develop our proficiency with ACT together (if you are interested in this kind of consistent experience, please read about the ACT Study Group). Since 2009, interest in ACT has grown dramatically.  A couple of years ago, we made the decision to open the group to any healthcare or mental health care professional interested in learning about ACT and willing to make a loose commitment to attending the group.  We typically ask new members to commit to attending “more often than not” once they sample the first meeting or two.  Please note that this requirement is aspirational: we do not track or enforce this.  Opening the group has essentially made the ACT Peer Consultation Group the de facto “community group” for ACT therapists and healthcare professionals in the greater Portland area.

If you are interested in ongoing peer support and self-directed learning, this is a good place to start. We do ask that you check-in with us and introduce yourself to us before showing up.  To do this, or for more information, please contact me ( for additional details.


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